Cutepdf is a simple to use application that can create PDF files from any program from which you can print.

The installation process is and install these two proprams in the order they are listed.
1. download and install this app first.
2. download and install this app after the first one is installed.

Ok...that is it for the installation! Now when you are in any program and want to create a PDF file just go to File/Print and choose "Cute PDF Writer" from the list of printers. Then choose print and a Save As dialogue box will appear allowing you to name and locate the new pdf file. Here is a short video outlining this process:

1.Can I edit the PDF once it has been created?
The PDF files are created my simply taking a snapshot of the page(s). This means that even if you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat you will not be able to edit the file. However you can edit in the original document and just reexport the new PDF.

2. Will my hyperlinks in my Word doc and PPT still work once they are exported as a PDF file?
No...Since the PDF is just a snapshot, the hyperlinks will appear blue but will not be active. There is a way around this but it is a little more involved process. If you absolutely need hyperlinks in your document you will need to use SmartNotebook. Anything that is attached in the attachment section of a SmartNotebook file is also attached to the PDF file if you use the File/Export to PDF feature of SmartNotebook and not the CutePDF method.