A podcast is media file which is distributed over the Internet for playback on .mp3 players or computers.
View this slideshow for an overview of podcasting and how it can be used in education.

Recording and Publishing a Podcast

A podcast should be a .mp3 file type (or .mp4 file for video) to enable downloading of the podcast to a mp3 player such as an iPod.

1. Use Audacity (free recording software download)
  • Audacity download file and tutorials for using Audacity can be found here.
  • Record your podcast using the Audacity software
  • Export your audio podcast recording as a .mp3 file from Audacity
  • Upload your .mp3 file to a web server (Edublogs is one example that is free for educators.)

2. Use iPod with attached microphone (Check the Apple iPod web site for compatible iPod models.)
  • Attach the microphone to the iPod. (The voice memo screen should automatically open. If not, on your iPod, go to Extras > Voice Memos)
  • Press center button area of iPod to begin recording; Press again to Pause
  • Press to Save the Voice Memo when recording is complete
  • Connect iPod to computer/laptop
  • When iTunes opens, choose "Yes" to transfer Voice Memos to the iTunes Library
  • Right click on the Voice Memo in the iTunes Library > Choose convert to .mp3 file (* set iTunes preferences)
  • Upload your .mp3 podcast file to a web server

  • iTune Preferences to convert Voice Memos to .mp3 file:
Open iTunes > Go to Edit > Preferences > Click the Advanced Tab > Click the Importing Tab > Change "Import using:" from AAC Encoder to MP3 Encoder

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