Re-Use Old Class Materials

(from LexConnect Help Files)

Open your Old Class Materials folder.
Click the "Old Class Materials" link in your My Contents box on the left side of the school or any class home page.
Open the desired class folder.
Click the name of the old class that contains the materials you want to copy.
Select the items you want to copy.
Click the checkbox next to each item you want to copy. If you select a folder, the folder and all its contents will be copied.

Click the "Copy To..." button at the bottom of the page.
Choose the class you want to copy the items into.
Click on the class name. To select more than one class, press the "Ctrl" key while you click.
Choose where to place the items on the class home page.
The options you see under the Copy To Folder section depend on where the items were in the old class. You can select on of these locations or create a new folder to hold the items using the "Another Folder" option.
Click the "Copy" button.
The selected items from your Old Class Materials will remain where they are and copies of these items will be placed in the selected locations.