Making Meaning of the World - Marco Torres, Teacher, Creative Director, Media Coach, Sylmar, CA
Multimedia is much more than different types of digital media teachers can use in their classrooms. In essence, it is an entire language that students can use to help make meaning of their worlds. Instead of mastering one facet of the multimedia menu, it is best understood as a language, with grammar, rules, and function.

As educators, we have the opportunity to design our classrooms into studios, labs, and community portals that can give students the opportunity to collaborate and REMIX ideas. As a practitioner and classroom teacher in a socio-economically challenged urban school district of Los Angeles, Marco will share his thoughts, ideas, and strategies he uses to help students make sense of this fast-paced world. His students are building communities in places traditionally excluded from social, educational, and political participation. His program is internationally recognized as proof that mastering the language and convergence of multimedia can be effective, powerful, and life changing.