On this page you will find information that helps or guides you to information about how to use this wiki site.

Please see the navigation bar to the left for links to pages.

Please see help for a quick look at how this site works. If you choose to use the visual editor (this is the default setting), editing pages is much like using a simplified version of Word. Basically the concept is just like Wikipedia...anyone* can edit the pages of this site. Although this could be a completely public or completely private site it is currently set only to be editable and viewable by invitation.

Please do not over look the discussion tab at the top of each page... This is a great place to "talk" about specific details of the project.

You are welcome and strongly encourage to create pages, add attachments, and edit existing pages...this is about working collaboratively and everyone's input is necessary and valuable. I think that everyone would agree that working as a team to create a proposal of this nature will carry far more weight than anything we could do individually.

If you want to add a comment to an existing page it is really easy... All you do is click edit at the top of the page then scroll down to where you want to make your addition and type away... if you add three tildes (~) at the end of your comment it will auto attach your name - JGeanangel JGeanangel Four tildes will add your name and the date - JGeanangel JGeanangel Mar 10, 2006

Attaching a document of any type is very easy. When you are in the editing mode simply click the "tree" icon... This tool can be used to add pictures and or files to any page. Like the rest of this it is really easy...Once you click the icon a panel will open on the right that lists all the files already uploaded... If you need to upload a new file simply click browse...select the file from your comupter...then click upload...once it is uploaded it will appear in the list of files. Now place your cursor on the page where you want the attachment or picture and then double click the icon for the file and it will be automatically attached at the location of the cursor.

Please feel free to add your own tips or pointers to this page...- JGeanangel JGeanangel