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10 ways to use your Edublog to Teach

(from Edublogs 10 Ways)
There are many ways you can use an blog in your teaching, look at these ten to get you started!

LMES Podcasts on Edublogs –
Ms. Lee's 5th Grade Class (Whooping Crane Project) -
LMES Butterfly -
Mrs. Clamp's Blog -

Creating a Blog (Edublog)

Our District is posting podcasts on edublogs. Check out these sites to hear more about what we are learning throughout the district:
Podcasting in Lexington 1:
Lake Murray Elementary
Lake Murray Elementary (edublogs site)
Gilbert Middle School
Red Bank Elementary
Lexington Elementary (edublogs site)
Lexington Intermediate
OGES Patriot Podcast
White Knoll Middle
PHMS French podcasts
PHMS Humanities
Lexington High School