Technology for Lexington One

District HELP Desk: 821-1201
Contact for password or login assistance.

Windows is the environment to login to your computer. You will need to Cntrl-Alt–Delete and then use your Windows ID and password to boot your computer.
Your Windows login provides:
· access to Shared Drives R: (Students) & T: (Teachers)
· access to G: your personal network drive (limit of 5 GB of space)
· access to LCSD1 Apps (Start – LCSD1 Apps) – Discus, Destiny, PowerTeacher, etc….

Outlook E-mail
Outlook is our district e-mail application. Teachers can access it from an icon when logged into their personal computer/laptop. From outside the district or on other district computers outlook can be accessed from the web (
  • Mail, notes, calendar, contacts, tasks, appointments

PowerTeacher is the application used for attendance and grading. It is a component of PowerSchool which is the district’s student information database.

Lex- Connect provides home – school – community communication. Each teacher is responsible for maintaining webpages for his/her classes.
· the college(s) you attended (name of college(s), city and state)
· the college degree(s) you acquired (include undergraduate and graduate)
· the area(s) of South Carolina teacher certification you currently hold

Subfinder is the district’s application to submit staff absences.

Testview is the district’s access to student test data information and scores (MAP, PASS, etc…)

District supported web-based application for Language Arts & Math. This is a great resource for whole-class and individual instruction. Students can complete assignments and activities from home or school.

Discovery Education Streaming/ETV Streamline SC (formerly known as unitedstreaming)
Discovery Streaming is an online collection of videos, images, clipart, sound effects, speeches, lesson plans, quizzes, writing prompts and more. These are available for teachers in our district to use for free. Remember to document where you found these resources (MLA already provided by Discovery Streaming).

DISCUS (Digital Information for South Caroline Users)
DISCUS is an online collection of over 20 databases that are free to South Carolina users. These are high quality content and reference sources for students and teachers. (Britannica, Biography Resource Center, SIRS Discoverer, newspapers, health and wellness, literature, history and science resources, etc…)
  • These can be accessed from school or at home. See your media specialist for a home-access password.

OnePlaceSC is SCETV’s learning portal. It allows you to search Discovery Streaming, Discus, Annenberg Media, ETV, Teachers Domain and more with one search.

Destiny is the district’s online database for media center resources.
  • Can be accessed from LCSD1 Apps or .
  • See your media specialist for a login if needed.
  • Search for books, web resources, create book lists, etc…. Create and search resource lists of books and online resources.

Lexington One’s blog and wikispace portal. iWeb is used for publishing podcasts, blog conversations, sharing resources and communicating with the world. Many schools have iWeb pages.

Teacher Resource Center
The Teacher Resource Center is a searchable collection of curriculum resources for Lexington One teachers created by Lexington One teachers. It includes interactive whiteboard files, lesson plans, assessments, presentations, documents, etc…

eOne Learning
eOne Learning is a web-based searchable collection of professional development resources for Lexington One staff.

Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning provides web-based software training for more than 110 applications students and educators use everyday.
  • and login using your e-mail and the password is your last name or your lastname1.
  • Contains tutorials for Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Email, Internet, Publisher, Teacher Resources, and BlackBoard and more. See your TIS for more information.

Teacher Toolbox
Teacher Toolbox is an online resource for 3rd grade and above based on South Carolina standards that contains resources (including PASS-like questions) for ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Math Packs
Math Resource for use on interactive whiteboard. Available as part of LCSD1 Apps.

Classroom Tools/Software
Listed below are examples of other software and classrooms that may be available at your school for use in your classroom to inspire student learning.

SMART Notebook Software
SMART Notebook software is available for use with your SMARTBoard or Airliner Slate. It allows you to create interactive files to drive your lesson.
· Free lessons available:

SMART Response/Senteo, CPS, Quizdom
These are response pad systems that can be used to monitor learning, provide feedback, and can be used as an assessment tool. Please see your TIS for more information about which systems are available at your school, software and training.

Document Camera/ Projector
See your TIS for training if needed.

Webcams, Flipvideo cameras, digital cameras, etc…
See your TIS/media specialist to find out what is available at your school.

Writers are keyboard sets that are used to teach keyboarding and for publishing in grades 2-4. Some sets may be available at the secondary level.

VoiceThread is an online conversation/presentation tool.

Photostory is digital storytelling software using images, narration, and music.

Moviemaker is digital storytelling software which creates movies using movie clips, images, narration, music, etc…

iPods can be used for a variety of purposes in the classroom. Podcasts can be downloaded, listened to, and recorded. Videos and applications can be loaded. Flash cards can also be created/used.

A podcast is an audio file shared via the web! Teachers and students can create their own podcasts to share information or educational podcasts can be downloaded from the web for listening and learning.

Audacity is sound editing software. It can be used to convert file types, create podcasts, record sounds, etc…

Cute PDF
Cute PDF is software that creates pdf files (portable document files – opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader) from Word, Publisher and other files.

Open Mind 2
Open Mind allows you to concept-map ideas for brainstorming and graphic organizing. These maps can be exported into Word, PowerPoint and as a webpage.

Mediator is a software application that can be used to create a presentation (similar to PowerPoint.)

Blogs – Wikis
Blogs and wikis are used for online discussions and sharing information.

Social Bookmarking

Cool Tools: (Random Name Generator, Cool Timer, Review Games, Etc...)

Free web-based application that can be used for communication.

Google Applications
  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • iGoogle
  • Google Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Picasa
  • And more

Google Earth (Sky - Ocean)
A free download that allows you to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.

Web-based social networking that can be used for professional development.

More Web 2.0 tools (
Wide variety of free resources on the web such as blabberize, glogster, animoto, and more

Mac Applications (iMovie, Photobooth, GarageBand, and more)
See your TIS for more information.

Technology Competency Information

TTCA (Teacher Technology Competency Assessment)
  • Level I
    • Required for ALL new staff > must have completed by the end of their first year (June 2010, ideally by December 2009)
  • Level II for new staff
    • All new staff must have completed Level II by the end of their second full year of employment. (June 2011)

Technology Competency (Level II/III)
  • This is tied to your teacher certificate year. All certified staff members are required to renew their technology competency every 5 year cycle. This can be completed by completing a district-approved technology course along with an observation or a technology portfolio. You can renew at Level II every 5 years or go to Level III. Level III involves professional development training or presenting technology at conferences.