This is the most versatile social bookmarking tool! Why is this our social bookmarking service of choice? It provides so many other useful features in addition to saving and sharing bookmarks! Diigo enables you to forward your saved sites to others, enhancing collaboration. It's also a great tool for researching because it allows you to highlight text and add sticky notes to any web page. Diigo provides another tool for collaboration by allowing the creation of user groups and discussion forums. Diigo also interacts with Delicious and other bookmarking tools through the use of the Add Elsewhere button. Web pages can be linked together through the use of the webslides feature.

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Folksonomy (the art of using tags)
Tags are a collective way to label webpages, pictures or many other digital products. Tags are usually written with all lower-case letters, and you can't space between multiple words in a single tag. Here are some common tags:
Required First tag: lex1
Grade levels: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Level: es (elementary), ms (middle), hs (high)
Subjects: ela, math, science, ss,
Specific topics: poetry, addition, weather, civilwar

The more tags you add, the more specifically you'll be able to narrow down your search field.