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User Name: RCenterAdmin
Password: rc@dmin1
Agenda 31908


Team Norm Possibilities:
Stay on task
Teacher dialogue
How will we react to
Are different opinions valued
How do we encourage listening
Rules for decision making
Dealing with conflict
Expectations for participation
Fully present

Our Own Group Norms:
Be focused and stay on task
All decisions should be made through consensus
Respect and value all team members and ideas
Listen and be open minded
Meetings should start and end on time
Meetings should be organized and productive
Set goals and evaluate at the end of each session
Communicate via minutes with all TIS and encourage feedback via email
Have chocolate at each meeting

To improve student achievement by providing a centralized technology-based collection of resources

Project Goals:
1. Identify, contact, and evaluate other resource sharing solutions
2. Determine best methods for us
Develop a plan for collecting & evaluating content
Develop an overview of the process
Develop rationale for implementing resource sharing product (selling it to the district)
Develop an implementation plan

Goals - Nov. 1:
Set Norms
Develop Mission
Brainstorm the components of an ideal solution
Begin looking at options and examples
Set project goals
Prioritize goals

Define resources: include tools, activities, entire units (not lesson plans)
Content should be files created by our personnel
Assignment for next time: continue exploring resources and make contacts; Next meeting - Nov. 15

What are other districts using?
Richland 2: Blackboard
Richland 1: echalk

Greenville County: A web site has been created for district teachers and one has to have a password to use the site. The site is "Curriculum Connection - by teachers for teachers". It contains standards, pacing guides, and some lesson plans for each content area.
Jeff McCoy

Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse:
Teacher Resource Exchange: http://tre/
Cabarrus County, Concord, NC:
Internet4Classrooms (Tennessee)
Forsythe, GA - Angel Learning System
Fairfax, VA
Blogs: David Warlick, Alan November, K12online

SharePoint - Modesto City Schools

Lexington One Sample Search Page from last year....

Questions to ask other sources:
How do you collect resources?
How do you promote it?
How do you evaluate resources?
How is the site maintained?
Is it password protected?
How is it managed?
How much man-power does it take?
How is it hosted?
How do you evaluate its use?
Is it user friendly?

Large questions:
Internet or Intranet?
Will we also find a way to digitally display student work?
Can we embed a search of resources in something like Destiny?
Password protected?
Usable by students?

What features does it need to offer?
Easily accessible
Organized by standards
User populated (anybody could add content)
Content rating system

What are different possibilities and how do they work with our preferred features?
Web 2.0 applications:
P2P Network sharing???

Goals: November 15

What will we include in our resources?
What will the format be?
Share what we learned
List pros & cons of possible formats(peer-to-peer sharing network, web-based, user-groups, intranet district folder )


Rating system by users.What about junk that would get posted?
There will have to be a teacher training component.
What are the biggest concerns about this project?
  • It's just so large and like jello.
  • How can we break it up into manageable parts and still see the big picture?
  • How can we keep it fluid?
  • How can we best organize and deliver in a user-friendly format?
Big Picture Goals:
  • Save time for teachers
  • User-friendly
  • Searchable
  • Accessible
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable

Customize a google search engine to search specific sites
Use social bookmarking to have a searchable, taggable base of internet resources
Content will be zipped files and single files (be aware of copyright issues)
Searchable by: subject areas, keywords, content, grade levels, file type, standards (?) ratings, type
Language Arts
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Physical Education/Health
Foreign Language
Career & Technology Education

Content Population:
Needs to be monitored/approved/moderated

Desired Features:
Password Protected
Front-back end
Accessible - Home/School
Searchable - OM
Rating system

Questions for DO:
Is this possible?
What do you recommend as the best solution?
Is there money available for this?
Can we contract out building the database?

Next possible meeting dates: November 30 or December 7

Checked with Peggy Sease at LTC...She says that the following would be good categories for
Career and Technologies
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business Management and Information Systems
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies
  • Health Science and Human Services
  • Public Services

Pros & Cons:

User Groups
Pros: person to person sharing, teacher demonstrations, specific content related to teacher needs, use teacher leaders
Cons: not centralized, teachers are already meeting to death

November 30

Meeting with Jeff
Sharepoint probably not likely anytime soon
FTP sites for groups (Eagles, guidance, fine arts)
Who will post content/manage? ideally, teacher run, user rating system
Needs to be searchable; capability is available
100 mg connection: can work with 1 server ($6500 monthly for 50 MB; $13,000 monthly for 100 MB bandwidth)
Central server, outside accessible through DMZ, password protected,
As a person posting content, don't want to go through deep directory but instead post by
Develop a Word Doc: structure of what it would look like
What fields are required?
Can use common ext. to pull out file type info.
What groups do you want to use? If not file specific, need dialog on front in...
What will it look like when you click Go? What do we want to see at each step?
How to Sort within All?
How to display them when we have hundreds? Show by most recent, most popular?

What do we want to see?
Input screen/ upload
Output screen: returned to user from search
Search screen
Log in screen: home web presence or go right to the log in screen?

Grouping of resources (type) - front end and back end
Make note about connections between fields on different screens (keywords)
Keywords: AP or Advanced Placement
Popup of summary for each activity before object opens?
Include 5 pieces of test content (different file types)
US videos should be linked out rather than saving hard copy
Desktop shortcut to US videos
Consider if attached files will be embedded; what if files are linked from G drive?
Populating with a generic account or through Novell authentication? Start with generic.
Will document come right up or will a web page of tags come up to enable editing tags (when or where to edit tags?)

TISs and Coaches to do initial populating.

Input page for submitter:
Use Groupwise/Novell login names
Browse for file location

Search Page:
Link to district Instructional Technology page
Key words: Submitted by, keyword, and summary