Cool Technology Tools for Educators

There are many tools teachers can download and use to spark interest during their classroom instruction. Give some of these a try!

Cool Timer
Once installed, click the "Options" tab to make the Timer larger if desired and to select other options.
It is also nice to type various messages to appear when the alarm buzzes as well as to import your own sound file for the buzzer!

Random Name Generator
Unzip this into a folder on your hard drive and run it from there.
If you get an error when you start the program, run the Setup file in the Stuff folder and this will fix the problem.
Open the program and type in your student names. They will enjoy seeing "who" is called next!

Seterra is a challenging educational geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and citiesusing outline map exercises!

Information about VoiceThreads can be found on a separate wiki page: VoiceThread

Additional Cool Tools for Educators (compiled by Mike Edwards)