Agenda 2-19-2008
Resource Center Committee

Goals for today:
  • Discuss Reviewing
  • Agree upon Guidelines for review and process of review
  • Approve existing resources
  • Begin testing search functions
  • Develop/Identify/Prepare training materials/scenario for TIS review training

Overview of the Day –
  • JG
  • Lunch

Update since last meeting
· Mike/Dhanya

Review Process

How did the reviews go?
Are there specific questions and examples that need to be addressed?

Potential start for Review Guidelines – needs to be limited, how do we keep these things in the face of submitters (check off?)
· I have carefully checked the spelling and grammar of this resource
· This resource has been tested in my classroom
· This resource has been reviewed/tested by a peer
· This resource complies with all copyright laws and guidelines
· This resource is aligned to State learning standards

Questions for discussion and resolution:
  • What is the best way to handle resources that do not meet our standards?
  • How do we handle resources that are submitted that are not created by Lex1 teachers?

Search –
Begin systematically testing approved resources
Carefully document/record/explain

TIS Training Materials and Plan
Develop As you are reviewing resources please try to identify 1 or 2 that might be good training documents... Something good, something not good, meets copyright...doesn't meet copyright... good summaries not so good summaries... etc... Especially after our first reviewing session, I think it is going to be essential that we have some reviewing training for all involved. The main objective of this training is to bring as much consistancy to the review process as possible.

Instructional Demo –
April is coming in a hurry...I would like to talk about the most effective way to present the Resource Center to the DO Instructional team while also cultivating their support for the project. Please think about ways we may be able to accomplish this...
What should we do to knock their socks off?
How we insure that they buy in?

Notes from the Meeting and Future Things to Do
Disclaimer –
Plan Develop presentation for teachers (Aug)

Process for reporting errors/problems with files
Create Word document to share links to web resources from companies
This resource will only contain teacher-created resources (does not have to be Lex 1 teachers only)
Add to review checklist: Is appropriate credit given to the creator/editor?

Training for TISs:
Create lessons with common problems(scanned worksheets, student names, Smart activities that are locked, etc) that can be used for TISs to examine in small groups to identify errors; also mix in exemplary activities.
Examples of good summaries
Discuss file names (no spaces, clearly identify topic in title)
Choosing appropriate key words - if key word is in title or summary, it doesn't need to be a key word.
Submission guideline written instructions

I know we are not quite there yet but I think we need to talk about a celebration for when we reach that point...We have worked through many hickups and bumps so far and I commend everyone for their efforts...there are still more to overcome and many hours of submitting and reviewing in our future but we are quickly approaching an operational status!!!