I think we are defintitely moving in the right direction. It is nice to have a minute to listen to other ideas. Sam Hays

**sbrooks** writes:
I really enjoyed our sharing things with each other - airliner experiences, social networking vs bookmarking sites, and a little about podcast code. I like Jeff's suggestion about sharing samples and ideas. I am looking forward to learning more from each of you!

ETV Christophercraft.com - Crossroads Middle School
Web 2.0 - taking students from being consumers of Internet content to being producers.
Podcasting - can be produced by anyone, them listening to what they want to listen to when they want to listen to it.
www.class326.com - daily spanish plans as a podcast - riddle - to get them started
gcast.com - recording podcast on your phones 1-888-65-gcast
opensource.christophercraft.com - open source podcast
Where do you find good podcasts - need a podcatcher - itunes Conference connections podcasts
ipodder.sourceforge.net download
itunes - Tedtalks - technology podcasts
30 second commercials on why to take spanish/latin
evoca.com - record to web w/phone - a little harder than gcast but it has a browser player
ELA - interview local authors
garageband.com - download podsafe music - not affiliated
academicaesthetic.com - blogging and netcasting workshop
google docs w/i gmail docs.google - can collaborate or google notebook (google.com/notebook)

fischbowl - blog

slideshare.com - free but other objectionable content

http://www.greenville.k12.sc.us/utc/ - Conference

Darren Kuropatwa - math teacher in Canada - adifference.blogspot.com
bubbleshare - class notes within the blog
lives get busy - how do we overcome that - need an articulated purpose - not about more work but about giving parents more work
Tim Tyson, principal - requires all teachers to blog - http://www.mabryonline.org/
Blogging gives students unprecedented access to the world. Be sure
COPA - Child Online Privacy Protection Act
kidzprivacy - http://www.ftc.gov/kidzprivacy/
screen names - 1st name, last initial is generally accepted - also give them numbers
He does the registering for the kids.
Class Blog - one sole blog with one feed - all post to the central location
bluehost.com - professional web hosting - 6.95 a month - based out of Utah - clean site
install wordpress
wordpress multiuser - http://mu.wordpress.org/
drupal.org - open source content management system for kids - handle a lot of kids who want to blog
Student e-mail addresses to setup - jumble throw away e-mail address
http://www.weblogg-ed.com/ Will Richardson


edublogs.org -
learnerblogs.org - 1 blog per e-mail address
Classblogmeister.com - David Warlick's blog account site - has pretty much stopped development
imbee - can set up groups that will not require e-mail address

http://davidwarlick.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.EducatorsGuideToBlogging David Warlick's Colearner's Wiki

How do you keep track of all your student blogs - bloglines.com - rss aggregator netvibes - another aggregator
Start reading blogs before writing blogs

http://teach42.com/ - education and technology blog

a website that anyone can edit. Collaborate without regard to proximity.
chriscraft.wetpaint.com - all wetpaint acct. have adds his were taken off by the founder at his request, difficult to administrate/navigate - easy edit toolbar - difficult to apply. Does not require username and password to comment - does not recommend.

pbwiki.com - easy as making a peanut butter sandwich. Always requires a password to be used.
bitweaver - does not offer wysiwys but does html
wikimatrix.org -
editme.com - wiki host - costs

christophercraft.wikispaces.com - used html to make it look nicer


wikispaces - manage space - track usage - look feel - change or make a new theme - edit a custom theme -

Anything you want to embed - click on embed button can copy the embed code from gcast - to podcast in wikispaces can embed your files from slideshare
Notify me page - to monitor this page/space
wikispaces - will tell you if anyone else is editing the same page.
WIll get an error message if on the same page editing, give each group their own page and they can each edit their own page at the same time.
Locking navigation - manage space - list pages - space.menu - lock
Quit using a page - can redirect or delete

classroomgoogleearth.wikispaces.com - posts files and info about google earth

survey open source phpesp http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpesp